Why go private?


There are a myriad of reasons why choosing to see a doctor privately may be better for you. These include:


  • Certainty. You choose which doctor or surgeon to see. At every visit you will have the confidence of seeing the same person, rather than simply being a number.
  • Quality. Your doctor will be a consultant every time. No trainee doctors. No compromise.
  • Choice. Bespoke cataract surgery, for example, using special multifocal or astigmatic lenses, is simply not available in the modern NHS, except in highly unusual circumstances.
  • No bars to treatment. Clinical Commissioning Groups have recently been found to be rationing healthcare, including cataract surgery. Going private means you get the healthcare you need, when you want it.
  • No waiting lists. You choose the date for your surgery, to fit around your commitments.
  • Access. Direct, quick contact with your consultant if you are concerned at any stage in your treatment.
  • Facilities. At The Wye Clinic we have access to state-of-the-art equipment to make your surgery as safe as possible. 
  • Good value. We are delighted that at The Wye Clinic we are able to provide what we believe is the best value healthcare in the Midlands. Due to our location in Hereford, costs are typically less than elsewhere in the region and cataract surgery in particular represents excellent value for patients.


The fees associated with private healthcare are typically very affordable for an outpatient-based speciality like ophthalmology. We are delighted to see self-funding patients, as well as patients with medical insurance. Unfortunately, patients who are insured with some insurers may find themselves underinsured after unilateral reductions in reimbursements for surgical procedures nationwide (in orthopaedics, general surgery and ophthalmology).


Some insurers may attempt to warn its customers that our surgeons are not 'fee-assured' or 'quality-assured'; please do not be put off by this attempt to divert your care to a potentially less experienced surgeon outside of the county.


Further information on this situation is available in the 'Patient Information' section, including a leaflet on the situation for BUPA customers from FIPO (Federation of Indpendent Practitioner Organisations).