Herefordshire’s regional eyelid specialist and cosmetic surgeons, Mr Simon Madge & Mr Ben While, are only too aware of the incredible benefits of eyelid reshaping surgery, or ‘blepharoplasty’. In this procedure, the upper and / or lower eyelids are reshaped through the removal of excess tissue, such as skin, muscle and fat. 


Bags under the eyes can be removed, giving a more youthful and less tired appearance, and if required, the upper eyelids can also be lifted, giving a more alert, rejuvenated expression.


The blepharoplasty procedure can be performed under either local or general anaesthetic, according to patients’ individual wishes, and can be combined with other surgery if necessary (e.g. eyebrow lifting, watery eye surgery). Patients are generally able to leave hospital the same day and are often back at work within a week. As the procedure is so well-established, costs are typically much less than one might expect.