Multifocal lenses


Presbyopia is the name given to the age-related decline in the focusing ability of the eye, typically meaning that by our mid-40s reading glasses are needed for near work. A major advantage of private cataract surgery is the ability to choose a lens that allows correction of this problem; except in unusual scenarios, only monofocal lenses are available in the NHS setting.


Implantation of a multifocal lens - combined with small incision cataract surgery (performed either on your cataract or the same operation on your clear lens) - allows restoration of both distance and near vision, allowing the possibility of a spectacle-free life.


Multifocal lenses can have incredible results, in some cases effectively restoring youthful sight, for example, the golfer Gary Player has recently had such surgery performed. Technology has now advanced to the point where such multifocal lenses can also incorporate a correction of patients' astigmatism: so-called toric multifocal lenses. As such, truly bespoke eye surgery is now a reality for Herefordshire patients.


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